Hospitality Mentor Program

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Hospitality Mentor Program

Welcome to the Hospitality Mentor Program.  The program is a joint initiative of the South Australian Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST) and Hospitality Group Training(HGT).

The program is lifting the attrition rate of apprentice chefs by offering mentoring and support to apprentices, their supervisors and employers.  The mentors provide supervisors of apprentice chefs with guidance on how to become a more effective supervisor, including good practice advice and techniques specifically relevant to the hospitality industry.

Through participation in the program, apprentices and their supervisor’s have access to many fun and motivational opportunities.  These include supplier information sessions, market visits and regional tours showcasing local produce.

The mentors also provide a range of tailored relevant information sources that are useful tools to assist in mentoring apprentices.  The mentors also provide up to date information on workplace best practice and the apprenticeship system in South Australia.

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