Hospitality Mentor Program

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Program Statistics

Hospitality Mentor Program

Welcome to the Hospitality Mentor Program. 

The Hospitality Mentor Program has completed the initial time frame of two years. It was a joint Initiative between Hospitality Group Training and the Department of Further Employment, Education, Science and Technology. We would like to thank you for being a participant  and supporting the Program.

The Program had a successful retention rate of 79.11% for commercial cookery apprentices in South Australia. That is a 51.41% increase in retention of apprentices within the hospitality industry. Overall the program has assisted chefs in many different aspects of the industry by offering open communication and sharing information between mentors and chefs, apprentices, parents, employers, brokers, hospitality teachers and joint industry bodies. This has allowed the program to create a network of support for the apprentices to ensure a healthy work environment.

Aspects of the program will continue to be rolled out within Hospitality Group Training, South Australia’s only hospitality industry owned Group Training Organisation and the newly built Hospitality Industry Skills Centre which is open to all South Australian apprentice chefs.

Many of the programs features varied over the different areas and participants needs which allowed the mentors to tailor assistance and promote the benefits for participants.

Some of the benefits were:

  1. Recruitment & connections for employment
  2. Interview skills and resume tips
  3. Industry advice & knowledge
  4. Hands on experience & Masterclasses
  5. Support and help throughout your contract of training
  6. Connections between brokers and employers
  7. Up to date regular industry newsletters
  8. regular visits to workplaces
  9. Culinary experiences & work placements
  10. Connections to culinary competitions
  11. Support for employers and employees
  12. Interaction with connecting industries
  13. State wide support, visits  and updates